3100 Needed Inventions by Raymond F. Yates

By Raymond F. Yates

3100 wanted innovations

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66. A better opening for incinerator chutes such as are used in apartment houses which will receive the contents of an entire wastebasket in one operation and will not clog or come loose at the hinges. as is the case with present devices. 78. A means of making oilwells safe from explosion and fire. 79. A better means of fastening handles to a carpenter's saw. 80. An efficient combination cross-cut and rip hand saw. 81. A better way of reproducing books in Braille (raised symbols) for the blind.

A visible indicator for guns and revolvers that gives conspicuous warning when they are loaded. 331. A child's cart that can be easily converted into a wheelbarrow. 332. A method of changing the tone of a piano for different effects. 333. A better and less expensive method of binding books. [75] 3100 NEEDED INVENTIONS GENERAL PROBLEMS 334. A long lasting phosphorescent advertising sign paint for outdoor use. 352. A pocket knife that can be opened more easily and without danger of breaking the finger nails, without a self-opening spring mechanism which is rather dangerous.

A high negative could be made and staging done away with, but you would lose in the middle tones and light middle tones, and again lose copy value. If we could turn out a finished plate and a true reproduction of copy, in a one-depth "bite" (of the etch· ing acid), it would result in a great saving in present cost. 149. A method of making piano frames for the holding of wires so there will be no danger of warping or giving under the heavy [60] 3100 NEEDED INVENTIONS GENERAL PROBLEMS tensions used.

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