A Contrastive Analysis of Agreement in Standard English and by Saza Ahmed Fakhry Boskany

By Saza Ahmed Fakhry Boskany

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B- Each of their parents has a repressed personality. c- Every father and mother has to be patient. The indefinite pronouns ‘many, few, both and several’ always take plural verbs. (Alexander 1988: 99) 15. Both girls are ready. The indefinite pronouns ‘all, any, none, more, most and some’ may be either singular or plural depending upon the words that follow them. For instance, some can mean ‘ more than one’, here the subject should be plural, or it can mean ‘ a part of one’ here the subject should be singular.

But recently the enumerated noun that follows the numeral has always singular form where the quantified noun assumes the plural form (Fattah 1990:122). 22. sad kas -Ø mird hundred people -SM died No AGR One hundred people died. 59 Rule 8: Demonstratives Demonstratives are either pronouns or adjectives. In SK demonstrative pronouns include two classes according to number and distance (Fattah 1997:181; Ahmed 1976:73). , the reference agrees with the referent in number. a- ama this hana:r -Ø -a pomegranate -be -SM AGR This is a pomegranate.

The verb agrees with the subject (NP), regardless of the subject’s being singular or plural. g. gal ‘nation’; millat ‘ people’…etc. a-Laškir -aka sarkaw -t -Ø army -the win b-Lašir-aka- sarkaw -t -in -p -SM army the - win AGR AGR The army won. 4. haza:r dola:r zor thousand dollar -p -SM The army won. -Ø -a much -be -SM AGR Thousand dollars is a great amount of money. Here, the verb phrase (VP) is singular because haza:r dola:r ‘thousand dollars’ is viewed as a single entity from the semantic and logical point of view.

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