A Dragon's Ascension (Band of Four, Book 3) by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

Aglirta is called the Kingless Land. as soon as a filthy rich and peaceable river valley, it has fallen into lawlessness, and its feuding baronies are engaged in a relentless kingdom of battle. however the land is kingless not more, for the sound asleep King of legend, King Kelgrael, has been reawakened by means of the efforts of the valiant Band of Four:- Hawkril, a daring and courageous warrior talented with nice energy and fortitude- Craer, the artful and shrewdpermanent thief- Sarasper, the discovered and clever healer and final yet now not least- woman Embra Silvertree, the paranormal girl of Jewels, a robust sorceressYet peace has now not back. within the Kingless Land, excessive magic and wizard kings stood within the approach, whereas within the Vacant Throne, civil wars and backstabbing barons resisted the recovery of order. Now, a strong warlord involves front to take regulate via army could, whereas the diabolic minions of the Serpent movement into place for a climactic conflict that would scar the Band of 4 perpetually.

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The Lady of Jewels shrugged. "It could be anyone; who knows how many wizards may have seen Gorloun's notes? " She crossed the road swiftly, knelt beside a dead sapling, and murmured forth fingerflames. Holding her hand like an axe blade, she seared through the base of the sapling, caught it as it started to topple, and handed it to Craer. With a wordless nod the procurer turned, summoning Sarasper with a jerk of his head, and thrust the wooden pole up the rock face, at the lowest of the Melted.

He grimaced a little; it never sits well with a procurer, to be able to reach something interesting, but know he shouldn't. "Well," Sarasper grunted from behind him, "at least we've achievedsomething this day. Craer Delnbone learned a touch of prudence. " Craer turned his head very slowly to give the old healer an unloving look. In the process, his gaze swung across Raulin-who kept himself carefully expressionless—and both Embra and Hawkril, who both suppressed smiles rather poorly. The face of the swordlord who sat on a splendid chestnut war steed at the head of the hastily assembled garrison was rather pale.

Flames roiled forth from the empty air in front of the sorceress, a great snarling flood of fire that plucked Melted from the rock face, caused two more to fall from the trees above the rocks, and swept over everything on the road. There were sudden bursts of fire here and there as whoever was controlling the staggering dead men caused them to burst apart in flame, hoping to catch one of the Four. Embra smiled grimly, and tugged at her fire as if she was clawing at an invisible quilt or fishnet in the air, seeking to drag it back and— Sweep the last Melted from atop the rocks, scorching the leaves there with a loud crackling, to plunge in that same dead silence down into the flames below.

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