A Path of Shadows by Lauren Haney

By Lauren Haney

The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with an extraordinary brilliance -- that is why he's the only to whom his commander turns in a time of want. The explorer Minnakht has vanished into the tremendous and cruel Egyptian barren region -- or maybe has strayed perilously with regards to Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut’s well-guarded turquoise mines -- and earlier than Bak sails north on a brand new project he's to find the lacking guy. yet evil is touring with him and his Medjays within the caravan they accompany eastward. a person -- or anything -- is accountable for the unusual rash of deaths that's speedily thinning the numbers in their fellow tourists. an easy look for a lacking adventurer turns into a twisted knot of treachery and blood -- person who threatens to strangle the existence from Bak and his males and go away them buried for all eternity underneath the blistering sands.

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You mustn’t be too free with what you share. ” Bak gave him a quick look. ” “Several times, but always by way of the southern route traveled by our sovereign’s caravans. ” Intrigued, Bak studied the visitor in the dim light of moon and stars. Amonmose looked more a man who enjoyed his comfort than one familiar with the desert wilderness. He was about forty years of age, of medium height and portly, with laugh lines at the corners of his eyes and mouth. In spite of his girth, he moved with a rare grace and seated himself on the sand with the ease of a child.

Like Psuro, he had been marked by some childhood disease. He was one of the pair who had been watching the men toil, making no effort to help. ” Nebenkemet exchanged a quick glance with Amonmose, then slipped away to return to the drovers and the task he had left unfinished. “This man you see before you is Wensu, Lieutenant. ” User’s face held no expression whatsoever and the words carried no hint of sarcasm, but Bak sensed animosity. ” Bak formed another smile. ” Wensu glanced at the explorer with poorly concealed contempt.

While they enjoyed the food, a man emerged from the shadows by the well and walked toward them through the moonlight. “Good evening, sirs. My name is Amonmose. A PATH OF SHADOWS 33 This is my first night on the trail and I find I can’t sleep. ” Bak motioned him to join them. With luck and the favor of the lord Amon, this man might tell them of the men who had preceded them up the wadi. “Welcome to our humble . ” He laughed. Home was not a proper word to describe their surroundings. He introduced himself and his men and offered to share the meal.

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