A Practical Guide to Developing Resistance-Training Programs by Jay R., Ph.D. Hoffman, Nicholas A., Ph.D. Ratamess

By Jay R., Ph.D. Hoffman, Nicholas A., Ph.D. Ratamess

E-book by way of Hoffman, Jay R., Ph.D., Ratamess, Nicholas A., Ph.D.

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It can be concluded that simple or basic programs can be very effective initially. However, resistance-training program design needs to incorporate progressive overload, specificity, and variation to progress to a higher level. Figure 2-3 presents a simplified schematic representing a theoretical continuum of the amount of variation needed in a consistent resistance-training program targeting progression. , beginner) suggests limited variation is suitable in this population, as most programs are effective at this level.

A nerve without a myelin sheath requires the nerve impulses to travel the entire length of the nerve fiber, resulting in a much slower conduction velocity. Nerve impulses occur in the form of electrical current. Nerve impulses occur in the form of electrical current. , approximately -70 millivolts). This negative charge is termed the resting membrane potential (RMP) and is due to a greater number of positive ions (primarily sodium) located on the outside of the cell membrane than within the cell membrane (primarily potassium).

This chapter provides an understanding of the acute physiological response to resistance exercise, as well as the type of physiological adaptations that may result from prolonged resistance training. Further discussion focuses on the influence that resistance training has on specific performance components of fitness. Neuromuscular Adaptations to Resistance Training A common goal for many individuals participating in resistance-training programs is to increase muscle size and strength. Therefore, the adaptation of primary focus for these individuals is the change seen in the neuromuscular system.

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