A Proposed Experiment on the Nature of Light by Dennison D.M.

By Dennison D.M.

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That is followed by debate and sometimes by disagreement but ultimately by consensus, albeit of a provisional kind, pending arrival on the scene of more facts or neater explanations. Of some interest, therefore, are the kinds of venue where the sharing and debate take place. In a real sense, they are the crucibles out of which new science is forged. I want to mention just a few that have seemed to me especially effective from my own experience. §S§M&. Fig. 16. The Conversation Room at the Royal Institution in 1809 as seen by Thomas Rowlandson.

The more recent was the first high temperature superconductor. Its consequences we do not yet know. But imagine flywheels, bearings or other electrical and electronic devices. ' And why not? Because that will be a sign that it has left the realm of basic science and entered that of industrial exploitation. If it is to attract a tax, it will be as a result of becoming the basis of some device that has fulfilled a need, and created a profit. The world will have been improved, the exchequer strengthened, and the public will have become aware of one more scientific marvel.

The first portion I obtained was in the thinnest pieces possible; observe it in a flattened state. I obtained it for the purpose of forming discs, with which and copper to make a little battery. The first I completed contained the immense number of seven pairs of plates and of the immense size of halfpennies each! I, Sir, covered them with seven half-pence and I interposed between seven or rather six pieces of paper, soaked in a solution of Muriate of Soda! But laugh no longer Dear A, rather wonder at the effects this trivial power produced.

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