A timeless spring: Krishnamurti at Rajghat by KRISHNAMURTI



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To hear, not the technique, not the repetition over and over again of a particular note, but a song sung really well by someone with a full heart, and who does not care whether anyone is listening or not; to listen to the call of a bird of a morning; and to listen to the fisherman across the river, calling, makes one very, very sensitive—it makes one terribly alive. And that is why it is very important for you to have feeling, now—feeling about the way you dress, the way you sit, the way you talk, how you play games, how you look at a tree, how you pick up a piece of stone, a pebble or a brick from the road, how you treat a dog, how you tear the leaves off a tree, how you talk to your cook, to your servant, how people, your teachers, for example, treat you, how they talk to you.

I wonder if you really see the sky when there is no moon, or when it is just a bit of silver hanging in the sky. I wonder if you see the dirt, the squalor and the misery of those who are poor. I wonder if you see how the people around you look. We learn a great deal by seeing how people talk, how they walk, what kind of clothes they wear, what manners they have, whether they are rough or gentle, whether they are deeply considerate or superficially polite. If we do not know how to see, how to observe, how to listen, we will never really care about anything in life.

Again, people all over the world are divided into Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and so on, and each group asserts that theirs is the only real religion. Is that not also stupid? To call a thing what it is, is not to feel brutal about it. If I am ugly, I am ugly; it is a fact. Why should my mentioning that fact have any emotion behind it? You have to see the world as it actually is: extraordinarily cruel, with the clever and powerful people dominating the poor and the weak, taking all the money and leaving nothing for the others.

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