Adsorption engineering by 鈴木, 基之, 1941- 鈴木, 基之, ; Motoyuki Suzuki

By 鈴木, 基之, 1941- 鈴木, 基之, ; Motoyuki Suzuki

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6 shows the effect of parameter, I , on the shape of the isotherm. When adsorption takes place in multilayers, adsorption on the adsorbent surface and above the adsorbed molecules is considered to be based on different attractive forces. Monolayer adsorption is formed by the same concept as the Langmuir type adsorption while adsorption above monolayers is equivalent to condensation of the adsorbate molecules, giving rise to the BET (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller, 1938) equation where p, is the relative pressure (=p fp,) and q, represents the amount adsorbed by monomolecular coverage on the surface.

Chem. Eng. Japan. 7, 161 (1974)). A typical result is shown in Fig. 13. 5 nm. One obvious deficiency of the D-A equation is that it does not approach the Henry type equation at lower concentrations. According to chromatographic measurement using helium gas as a carrier (Chihara, Suzuki and Kawazoe, 1978), the adsorption equilibrium coefficient of the Henry type equation, which was assumed to hold at an extreme of C=O, could be determined for MSC 5A. The results are shown in Fig. 14. In this experiment, since helium gas exists in large excess compared with adsorbable tracer gas, the coadsorption effect of helium may not have been negligible, making it possible to assume the Henry type isotherm for the tracer gases.

3 12. Relations among EIAHa n and ratio of pore s ~ z eand molecular d~ameter,D / d (Reproduced w~thpcmusslon by Suzuki. , J Chcm. Japan, 7, 283 (1982)). assumption is valid, then the adsorption equilibrium constant ofthe Henry type equation is related to the constants involved in the D-A equation as Transience occurs at and the fractional amount adsorbed at this point is W /WO= exp [ - ( A / E)"/(n-l)] (3-24) For adsorption of xenon on MSC 5A at room temperature, E, and n given Fig 3 13 Normal distribution curves of carbon C Curve (I) from ~sothermof xenon, Curve (11) from Isotherm of ethylene, Curve (111) from ~sothermof ethane (Reproduced with permisston by Suzuki.

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