Advances in Applied Microbiology, Vol. 22 by D. Perlman (Ed.)

By D. Perlman (Ed.)

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7) and makisterone (11) were degraded by lysed mycelia of Rhizopus arrhizus, R. nigricans, and CurvuZuria lunata to give poststerone (IV) and subsequently rubrosterone (V). Similarly, ponasterone A (111) was converted by Fusurium Zini ATCC 9593 into rubrosterone (V) in 15% yield (Tom and Abul-Hajj, 1975). FIG. 7. Microbial side-chain cleavage of insect molting hormones 44 CHRISTOPH K. A . MARTIN B. CONVERSION OF STEROLS I N THE PRESENCE OF ENZYME INHIBITORS Several research groups worked out procedures for the selective microbial side-chain cleavage of sterols in the presence of enzyme inhibitors.

Flavescens, and M . peregrinum (19-hydroxycholesterolonly). The same organisms (except M . peregrinum) transformed 6/3,19-oxido-4-cholesten-3one and the corresponding sitosterol derivative to a more polar compound was not (not identified)whereas 3/3-acetoxy-5cr-bromo-6/3,19-oxidocholestane metabolized by M . phlei. On the other hand, Lee (1971) reported that addition of 3P-acetoxy-5abromo-6/3,19-oxidocholestaneto a culture of Nocardia sp. ATCC 19,170 resulted in accumulation of 5cr-bromo-6/3,19-oxidoandrostane-3,17-dione.

Therefore, this technique is considered to be useful for the industrial production of 6-APA as well as the continuous method using immobilized penicillin amidase. TRANSFORMATIONS BY IMMOBILIZED MICROBIAL CELLS 23 F. OTHERPRODUCTION OF USEFULCOMPOUNDS Besides the studies described above, as shown in Table I we have further studied the continuous production of useful compounds by employing immobilized microbial cells, and we have applied for patents on these studies as follows. l n these studies, microbial cells can be effectively immobilized by the polyacrylamide method as in the case of E.

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