Alla ricerca del tempo perduto. Albertine scomparsa by Marcel Proust, a cura di Paolo Pinto e Giuseppe Grasso

By Marcel Proust, a cura di Paolo Pinto e Giuseppe Grasso

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4. Activation current, induced in the ADH-Pt junctions at £/,= 6 V, versus temperature of the sample in air with RH= 50 %(l)and80%(2). 03 V to 50 V during the first stage of the experimental cycle. 3. 5. Small /- V non-linearity can be attributed to the electron transport through the potential barrier in the junction. 3) from about 4 V to 50 V. This peculiarity corresponds to the maximum response of the ADH-based samples to ethanol vapour. Taking into account that the reference samples with albumin did not respond to ethanol, the unexpected shape of the /V characteristic was related to the changes induced by the electric field in the ADH-metal junctions.

50 100 u, ,v t ,sek Fig. 1. 5V, 100s). Fig. 2. Electrical current, generated by the enzymatic reaction (9 % of ethanol in air) in the junction ADH- Au (1), Pt (2) and Ni (3), as a function of activating voltage (the activation time ta= 100 s). An electrical current as a response to ethanol appeared in the circuit during the third stage of the testing cycle. Typical response signal is illustrated Fig. 1 (line 1). The response of the ADH-samples was proportional to the ethanol concentration in the air and was recorded in unlimited number of the cycles.

This work is aimed to study of the properties of gas sensitive structure based on enzyme-metal contact, when electrical conductivity of electrolyte is negligible and the metal-enzyme junction determines the electrical properties of the device. 2. Experimental Planar structures, consisting of two metallic electrodes and dry enzyme layer, were deposited on an insulating base-plate. The electrodes (Pt, Au and Ni) were shaped in form of wide strips or comb-like layout. The gap between the electrodes was about 260 um.

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