Alternative life-history styles of fishes by Michael N. Bruton (auth.), Michael N. Bruton (eds.)

By Michael N. Bruton (auth.), Michael N. Bruton (eds.)

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Furgaleus Fig. 8. Littoral teuthitrophic sharks that mostly feed on small cephalopods. Note the comblike upper teeth, small spikelike lower teeth and small short mouth. Known examples are carcharhinoid sharks, with a hemigaleid (Hemigaleus) and triakid (Furgaleus) depicted . Chondrichthyians as successful predators Chondrichthyians are common in most marine ecosystems where they occur, and are generally dominant groups in their predatory niches, They readily respond to predatory opportunities on other vertebrates and other members of their class, and have produced predators at all levels.

Environmental Biology of Fishes 28: 33-75, 1990. © 1990 Kluwer Academic Publishers. V. B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology, Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown 6140, South Africa Present address: South African Museum, P. O. 1989 Key words: Sharks, Rays, Chimaeras, Chondrichthyes, Evolution, Success, Diversity, Ecology, Ecomorphotypes, Reproductive modes, Conservation Synopsis Cartilaginous fishes, the sharks, rays and chimaeras (class Chondrichthyes), are a very old and successful group of jawed fishes that currently contains between 900 and 1100 known living species.

A. L. M. A. G. P. Caramaschi, R. S. Machado, for pleasant company and valuable help in the field; R. Cintra for generous hospitality and logistic support in the Pantanal; E. Curio, W. A. O. Kullander, and R. O. Z. Borghi for expertly finishing our line drawings. CNPq supported part of the study (grant 300992179), FAPESP defrayed air travel costs (grant 83/0235-0), and IBDF allowed use of working facilities in the Pantanal. J. P. Hailman . 1976. Fish cleaning symbiosis: notes on juvenile angelfishes (Pomacanthus, Chaetodontidae) and comparisons with other species.

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