America at Risk: The Crisis of Hope, Trust, and Caring by Robert Perrucci

By Robert Perrucci

In the USA in danger, Robert Perrucci and Carolyn C. Perrucci establish the vast monetary and technological alterations that experience resulted in the lack of excessive salary jobs, declining chance, and elevated source of revenue and wealth inequality. Taking info from a thirty-year interval, Perrucci and Perrucci follow a severe sociological lens to view the dominant monetary, political, and cultural associations that reason the most social difficulties affecting americans.

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This puts downward pressure on all wages in a region and undercuts efforts to unionize workers in any industry. Yes, union plants force employers to pay more in wages and benefits, which is why strong unions help build a middle class with job security and wage increases. An additional difference is that a foreign company does not produce the entire vehicle in the United States. —in the United States, but the Japanese produce their high-value-added components like the drive train and electronics in Japan.

They also let the illegal aliens take our jobs away, give them welfare, unemployment compensation, college education at our expense; do not check them for health and social diseases. Yet they want to take all the veteran’s benefits away from those who fought their wars for them. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people—Ha! The loss of hope and despair expressed by these blue-collar workers who lost their jobs when their plant closed and moved to another country would be duplicated by white-collar workers confronted by downsizing in the 1990s.

I’ve been to all the factories. These two displaced workers are pretty much running on empty when it comes to hope. But the effect of losing your job in a plant closing extends beyond a loss of hope; it also involves a loss of trust in basic social institutions and extreme cynicism about other people. Consider the following comment by a thirty-two-year-old married woman who was displaced by a plant closing. I personally believe that our country’s problems lay with the dishonest persons. From the man drawing a paycheck without service given, to lawyers and Congress holding things up, stretching them out, which takes big dollars from people and business.

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