An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-thirteenth Century Turkish by Gerard Clauson

By Gerard Clauson

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60v. 25 (same nicaning; pec. Xak. 'he hid (hatatno) himself isfaityi wrinni 'he felt shy of me' K q . 0. I 291 (uvutlan-): and hides (satarn . rca katnma) anything Xwar. X I I I u t a n - 'to be shy, ashamed' 'Ali ss: u ~ vuvtan- do. Qurh. 201 ; (there i s a word in Kay. I 206 ( a b ~ t u r , abttma:k); 01 am: kigi:din abt:ddl: (sic) 'he hid and concealed my heart but) a p m a k k a u f t a n u r m e n 'I am shy of saying it' Nahc. 360, 3: Klp. vfahu) uyat) Tkm. utan- isfahyi fd. 27; istahjd utan- BuI.

A b u s a w . o m e k s a k l n m a k k e r g e k Continuous Pres. Suti. ) on this word of his' phonetic harmony) is a survival of the positive kfIII rz,7-8 (iii): M m . a m r a g l m o y i i r m e n . 118, 8 : Bud. a j u n 'I think of my helovecl' W form of U:-. Tiirkii v111 etlnu: ynratu:nu: u m a d u k 'bccause they could not organize iicleqi Sanskrit jritis~trrrr'rernenibering former 1 U: 'slccp'; thc L)cv. V. is cxccptionally u ~ I : - , which supgests that this nord may originally have been *u:d, but that word is nowhere noted in this sense; not noted later than X I .

S like bnqgii:, Conc. s like bugra:gu:; also a Dev. Suff. -a:&:/-e:gii: dominant; forms Collectives, usually fr. g, iiqe:gii: 'three together', but see also iqe:gu:, yiize:gii:. ) in esrigii: syn. W. esri: 'dappled'; also a Dev. , but this word can hardly be a Dev. /A. -ru:/-rii: Directive Suff. meaning 'towards'; very rare; syn, W. -garu:/-gerii:. -lam:/-geru: Directive Suff. like -ru:/-ru:; hardly to be explained as that Suff. , since it is attested in dialects earlier than those in which the Dat.

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