Animal health and welfare in organic agriculture by Mette Vaarst

By Mette Vaarst

The fast development of natural farming has been among the main notable alterations in international agriculture in contemporary a long time. at the start, extra consciousness was once paid to the crop aspect of natural platforms, yet that has now replaced and there's better reputation of the necessity to comprehend animal overall healthiness and welfare greater.

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The pigs were no longer let out, and the climate in the pens was artificially controlled. Sows were confined in farrowing pens. Piglets were weaned at only 3–4 weeks. The development of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers and the increased use of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers (natural forms at first, later in manufactured forms) made it possible to greatly increase the area given over to cereal production. In the 1950s, an outdoor system of pig farming was introduced in England and Denmark. Sows were kept in a rotation system with arable crops (see Chapter 3), in portable huts rotated around the farm.

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