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Developer Documentation to OS X and iOS AppKit, 5051 pages. normal from Apple. traditionally asingle huge booklet resembling this, all of the long ago from subsequent Step days in 1990 ( suitable for over two decades, and a part of all Apple present items, and xPlatform OPENSTEP, GNUstep, Cocotron AppKit for MS home windows (, and plenty of incarnations of AppKit to permit Objective-C programming on non Apple OSes. an analogous moment huge guide is "Foundation".

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You also have the choice at which level you use the Application Kit: ● Use Interface Builder to create connections from user interface objects to your application objects. In this case, all you need to do is implement your application classes—implement those action and delegate methods. For example, implement the method that is invoked when the user selects a menu item. ● Control the user interface programmatically, which requires more familiarity with Application Kit classes and protocols. For example, allowing the user to drag an icon from one window to another requires some programming and familiarity with the NSDragging...

41 Figures, Tables, and Listings The Application Kit 44 Figure I-1 Cocoa Objective-C Class Hierarchy for Application Kit 50 NSAlert Class Reference 76 Figure 5-1 Figure 5-2 Listing 5-1 Listing 5-2 Alert dialog with an accessory view 91 Alert dialog with a suppression checkbox 96 Adding an accessory view to an alert 90 Creating an alert with a suppression checkbox 96 NSBezierPath Class Reference 347 Figure 13-1 Figure 13-2 Line cap styles 363 Line join styles 364 NSGradient Class Reference 1573 Table 62-1 Linear gradient starting points.

All Rights Reserved. 35 Contents Overview 4680 Tasks 4681 Instance Methods 4683 NSPasteboardItemDataProvider Protocol Reference 4700 Overview 4700 Tasks 4700 Instance Methods 4701 NSPasteboardReading Protocol Reference 4703 Overview 4703 Tasks 4703 Class Methods 4704 Instance Methods 4705 Constants 4706 NSPasteboardWriting Protocol Reference 4708 Overview 4708 Tasks 4708 Instance Methods 4709 Constants 4711 NSPathCellDelegate Protocol Reference 4712 Overview 4712 Tasks 4712 Instance Methods 4713 NSPathControlDelegate Protocol Reference 4715 Overview 4715 Tasks 4715 Instance Methods 4716 NSPlaceholders Protocol Reference 4720 Overview 4720 Tasks 4720 Class Methods 4721 Constants 4722 NSPopoverDelegate Protocol Reference 4723 Overview 4723 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc.

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