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Cost estimates in the matrix, therefore, represent the committee ' s estimate of the costs of a single contractor based on the number of man years of a fully supported senior engineer. Believing that the Army was in far better position to estimate its administrative, inhouse, and testing costs, the committee limited its cost estimates to those of the contractor. After extensive discussion, the committee chose $200,000 as a reasonable and representative estimate of the cost of a fully burdened industrial man-year for a senior engineer.

There is evidence that they are succeeding. Special-purpose hardware using very large-scale integration (VLSI) techniques is now in the laboratories. One can, we believe, expect vision chips that will release robot vision from the binary and special-purpose world in the near future. com 53 APPLICATIONS OF ROBOTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Research in vision, independent of robots, is a well-established field. That literature is too vast to cover here beyond a few general remarks and issues. The reader is referred to the literature on image processing, image understanding, pattern recognition, and image analysis.

Beyond the study of models and design structure are efforts on direct drive motors, pneumatic servo mechanisms, and the use of tendon arms and hands. These efforts are leading to highly accurate new robot arms. Much of this work in the United States is being done at university laboratories, including those at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU), Stanford University, and the University of Utah. Furthermore, increased accuracy may not always be needed.

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