Applications to Fourier series (2005)(en)(4s) by Garrett P.

By Garrett P.

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This type of reactor is normally operated by ramping the temperature from ambient. When the reactor is reasonably short, tars that survive secondary processes may exit from the reactor, well before the intended peak experimental temperature is reached. In other words, some tars may exit from the reactor without experiencing temperatures very much higher than those at which they were released, since the heating rate is relatively slow. 6a). We will see below, however, that when using similar samples, peak tar yields reached in fixed beds are usually lower than yields that can be attained in fluidized-bed reactors.

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Another wire-mesh instrument constructed at Bergbau-Forschung used a 10 kHz heating current and analogue feedback control [Arendt, 1980; Arendt & van Heek, 1981]. The system operated at heating rates above 210°C sϪ1. Pyrolysis and hydropyrolysis experiments were carried out at pressures up to 100 bars. The tar yield determination relied on an indirect calculation. In constructing the cell, polymeric materials were used to make the electrode holders. The thermal sensitivity (danger of melting) of these components limited experiments to about 2 seconds holding time at peak temperatures between 700 and 1,100°C, the top design temperature.

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